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Welcome to Energy Efficiency Fund

The main objective of the  Energy Efficiency Fund (the Fund) is to attract and manage financial resources to finance and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, in accordance with strategies and programs developed by the Government, by:

• promoting investment projects in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources;

• providing technical assistance for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects development;
• providing financial assistance  to the projects;
• direct financial contributions;
• acting as the agent or mediator for other sources of financing;
• providing full or partial guarantees in case of financing by banks;
• providing assistance in identifying optimal combinations for projects funding

The Fund shall meet its objectives by promoting and financing economically, technically and environmentally feasible energy projects which will ensure sustainable energy consumption and will lead towards low energy intensity and polluting or greenhouse gas emissions economy.

The purpose of the Fund is to achieve a demonstration effect by successful implementation of projects and to enhance the interest of external donors to support investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in Moldova.


In its activity the Fund shall be guided by the following principles:
• transparency in managing financial resources;
• fairness and equal opportunity for all applicants;
• sustainable development of energy sector;
• prudent investment portfolio;
• co-financing;
• sustainability of funding and investments support;
• partnership and collaboration with the private sector in co- financing investment projects to inhance energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources.

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