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Energy Efficiency Fund – priorities for 2018
Published Date: 09.03.2018   

On March 7, 2018, the Administrative Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF), chaired by the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, had a meeting, where the Annual Report on the execution of the budget for 2017 and the Annual Activity Report of the Fund for 2017 have been presented, as well as some projects were approved related to the financing of measures to promote energy efficiency at national level.

The EEF Board members appreciated the measures taken by the Fund in 2017 in order to reduce the energy consumption, the use of renewable energy, as well as the need to establish a constructive dialogue with the administrative-territorial units and project executors throughout the country, in order to avoid  the situations that delayed the projects implementation, so that in 2018 the implementation and monitoring mechanisms of the initiated projects will be finalized.

"It is necessary to make the mechanisms for successful implementation of the projects launched by the Energy Efficiency Fund more efficient. We need to get visible results on reducing energy consumption, using renewable energy, installing public lighting in various localities of the Republic of Moldova", said Minister Chiril Gaburici.

During the meeting, FEE team has presented the detailed information on the existing objects and the evolution registered by setting up an easier mechanism for processing the files related to the projects implemented by entrepreneurs, as well as the up-to-date status of the post-implementation project monitoring procedure.

At the same time, there have been made some modifications of the Grant Agreements for energy efficiency measures and the valorization of renewable energy sources in buildings and the efficiency of public lighting systems in public procurement procedures and the application of more drastic penalties if essential deviations from the obligations of the Grant Agreement are identified.

The members of the meeting considered and approved in general two pilot projects on introduction of energy efficiency measures for restoration and modernization of the street lighting system and a thermal rehabilitation project for the building, which involves measures for its thermal insulation, boiler room replacement and external insulation.

In addition, the expenses for additional work on the replacement of windows and exterior doors in the Republican Hospital of the Association of Medical and Health Facilities of the State Chancellery were approved, in accordance with the obligations of the Agreement. The director of the institution, who attended the meeting, has expressed his gratitude to the Energy Efficiency Fund for providing the financial assistance, without which it would be impossible to realize the works for improving energy efficiency, and added that "at the moment, the building has comfortable conditions and the average internal air temperature meets sanitary requirements."

At the end of the meeting, the members of the Board of Directors approved the Fund's budget for 2018.

We remind you that the Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF) was established in 2012 to attract and manage financial resources, to finance and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, in accordance with strategies and programs developed by the Government.

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