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The EEF took part in the launching event of projects financed by the Program of Long-Term Demonstrational City Projects (SUDEP)
Published Date: 27.03.2018   

Today, March 26, took place the official opening of three projects funded by the EU Program for long demonstration urban projects (SUDEP) and the Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF).
In the event took part:
The head of the EU delegation Mr. Peter Michalko, the representative of the Covenant of Mayors East, Jan Waanders, representatives of Energy Efficiency Fund, the mayors of Cantemir, Calarasi, the mayor of Festelita, as well as representatives of the press and civil society.
The event began with several presentations prepared by the Covenant of Mayors-East and the SUDEP support team. In addition, the project teams presented each of the three projects that received funding from SUDEP and EEF:
1. Project of effective urban lighting in Calarasi - "Fireflies in the Heart of Forests"
2. Project of thermo-rehabilitation of CanTREB study rooms in Cantemir
3. Establishment of an center of excellence in the Festelita community, Stefan Voda district, through a demonstration project for the management of new energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources.

As part of the projects launch, commitments were made for management and reporting to the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Moldova.

At the same time, SUDEP team members described the essence of the support mechanism, emphasizing its structure, tasks and services.

 „All three projects financed under the program will focus on energy efficiency of public buildings, modernization and energy saving in public lighting, demonstration projects of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
We are especially grateful for the fact that the municipalities and partners agreed to finance 20 to 40% of the total cost of these projects. This is a very good sign, indicating that the parties are interested in the development of this sector. We are convinced that the implementation of these projects will help the municipalities implement the action plan for renewable energy and will bring significant benefits to the residents”, indicated head of the EU delegation Mr. Peter Michalko.

In addition, the participants shared their impressions and experience in the two projects initiated by ComDEP in 2015, which are currently under implementation:

  1. „Green Light, Moldova”, project of modernization and energy saving for street lighting.
  2. Demonstration project for the development of renewable energy sources in the city of Orhei.

At the end of the event, the working group has presented the initial assessment of the three initiated projects, and the following steps were taken to coordinate the development of the demonstration project.
The SUDEP program consists of several components, including co-financing in the ratio of 80% of long-term urban development projects, establishing a support mechanism for municipalities in the development and implementation of projects aimed at reducing the emission of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.


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