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More energy-effective projects financed by the state
Published Date: 05.07.2018   

Energy Efficiency Fund will be able to finance more projects after a modification made by the Government in its Decree Nr.401 from 06\12\2012 about the Fund’s activity. These modifications include the terms for the return of investments: it was increased from 7 to 11 years. Besides, the approval of this document has unlocked the Fund’s operational activity. Consequentially, this will lead to more energy-effective projects implementation as well as the quality control of state policy implementation in this sector.
During the Cabinet meeting, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chirill Gaburici, has stated that the proposed changes will allow continuing activities related to the financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.
Besides, the resolution proposes to exclude the post of the administrator from the Fund’s staff. His authorities will be transferred to the Executive Directorate of the Fund, the Investment Committee, and the Administrative Council. It is worth mentioning that there are 46 offers of different projects included into the Fund’s waiting list, which were already approved for financing by Fund’s Administrative Council. The cumulative budget of these projects is 148 million MDL.
The Government Decree established Energy Efficiency Fund in 2012. Its primary goal lies in financing of various energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects. The fund is a financial instrument of the state for supporting projects of thermic isolation of public buildings. So far, over 270 projects have been implemented for a total of 600 million MDL. The goal of the Energy Efficiency Fund is to increase the efficiency of energy consumption and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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